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the maajabu project educating east africans, protection and conservation

Coordinators: Damian Bell, Sally Capper
Field coordinators, William Joseph, George Deo
Address: P.O. Box 3052 , Arusha
Tel: +255(for Tanzania ) 744 485674 / 744 928863
E-mail: sally@maajabu.org
Maajabu website: www.maajabu.org

The name Maajabu, which means 'amazing, wonderful' in Kiswahili, was chosen to reflect the dynamic effect of film on people and its ability to pass on incredible images. It was kick started by the initial donation of a large screen, video projector and speakers through David Breashears, a well known film director in the mountaineering world. After the making of his Imax film 'Kilimanjaro, To the Roof of Africa' he brought out this equipment to Tanzania so that all the people involved in the making of the film, as well as others, would get a chance to see it.

Based under the umbrella of Tazama! Trust whose primary goal is the protection and conservation of natural resources and wildlife in Tanzania, Maajabu aims to achieve its target by:

  • Distributing films for film makers
  • Giving people access to videos through the creation of a video library
  • Using a big screen and projector to show films

Maajabu acts as a distribution point for directors and companies making films who want their films to reach a wide audience. Maajabu has the contacts and ability to get films out to exactly the people they are meant for. Films will be distributed freely, but donations in exchange are welcome.

Many films have been donated and collected by Maajabu, resulting in a video library of over 25 films, comprising wildlife documentaries and films about various environmental issues in both Kiswahili and English. Films can be borrowed, free of charge, through schools and associations after an initial membership fee,

The mobile cinema unit has been active since May 2003 and has shown in Arusha, Singida, Zanzibar , Iringa, Mara and Manyara Regions. The unit has shown mostly to villages and schools, and to date has shown to over 15000 people. The unit is available for use by any registered organisation that would like to show environmental based educational films, for the cost of operating and transport only. Maajabu also aims to cover the cost of showing films to primary and secondary schools through donations.

Maajabu is run by William Joseph and his assistant George Deo. They are the small team that travel with the equipment and organize all the film shows.