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judy brey, daniel haut, lisa hoffner, daniel carapellotti, jonathan reece

Stunning images of Africa 's wildlife, landscapes, and indigenous cultures inspire photographers, artists and filmmakers around the world, teaching us how fragile such endangered treasures are and what we can do to ensure their survival. Tazama!Trust thanks the photographers who donate their work to keep us informed:

Judy Brey
Our Art Director lives in Los Angeles, CA where she donates graphic design services to support her passion for the protecting the environment and saving endangered species. Working with several renowned charitable organizations, she combines her talent for graphic design with her love of nature to develop websites, print materials and other media to promote these worthy causes.

Daniel Haut,
" Africa was a lifelong desire that was finally fulfilled. I've wanted to go to Africa as a small child, looking at National Geographic magazine in my bedroom when it was still published with black and white photos. Being an underwater photographer and experiencing the vastness of our water planet and its many lifeforms, Africa seemed the best logical choice to experience with my camera the vastness of the Serengeti Plains and its own highly evolved life forms."
Photo credits: Dan Haut has generously donated all photo images showcased on this website except for these listed below. All images are protected by copyright law.

Lisa Hoffner,
"Wildeye Photography is a reflection of my insatiable appetite to preserve and convey the beauty of exotic cultures and wildlife through photography. My body of work concentrates on primitive tribes and endangered wildlife around the world. My ultimate goal is to inspire and educate people about the need to preserve these nearly lost treasures.
" Photo credits: Elephants/Anmal Tracks ©2000Wildeye Photography, Samburu/Holistic Solutions ©2000Wildeye Photography

Daniel Carapellotti,

"My goal has always been to combine the two things I love most, photography and nature. Maybe I can give back to the world what she has given to me, a future."

Jonathan Reece
2can is a web design company based in Arusha Tanzania. 2can specialises in websites, and graphic design for companies working in the Safari and tourist industry.

Please contact photographers directly to purchase images showcased on this